I’ve been bitten!

Yes, I’m infected. This contagious bug has bitten me and I have become a host for creativity and appreciation. It has taken over my life in a most inspirational way so I decided, with the push of several friends over the past year, to do something with it. What I wanted to do with it I didn’t know for sure… Then after occasion and occasion of feeling the motivation behind things I find, what I do with them, what other’s do with them I came up with this.

I truly believe in what I do. Do I exaggerate? You are just upcycling, you aren’t curing world hunger? Maybe, but there is something more here…and I think if you spend a little time exploring you will see it too.

There are so many Reasons to Upcycle. They vary from wanting something creative that no one else has, finding something affordable, or saving things from landfills. My personal reasons for upcycling exist in all three of those examples and more. Let me explain this the best way I know how.

Have you ever been to a dinner party or any event and had an amazing conversation with an extraordinary personality, you could just sit and talk with them forever. They leave you feeling inspired, your mind continues to go back to the topics discussed. You learned something from them. You learn from every interaction you have in life, they may not all shake the ground beneath your feet but there is something to be taken from every experience. I feel this when I find an old piece of furniture or any item that evokes my senses. I take it home..not everytime, there is a line between rebirthing materials and hoarding. There is a life that things have lived before they make it to us. This is something that new items don’t necessarily have, unless of course they have a bigger purpose behind them…which I will write about later.

There is soul (so to speak) in items that have lived, in they area that they flourished. I think they can flourish again.

I don’t believe in too much attachment to material items. However, we are all going to decorate our homes and feel the need for things regardless…so why not design our lives with a purpose.

In bringing all of this information to you my hope is that more people take the time to give items a new home before they make it to a landfill, because recycling is no longer good enough. Too learn from the things you work with and the processes in which greatness happens. I hope this brings a new appreciation for things which already exist. I believe there is a movement here…somewhere there is a community of people who know or will know the importance of upcycling, it’s positive effect on the environment, on your creative intellict, and in your day to day living in general.


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