The Lampiest.

I always have something going, right now I am redoing my bedroom, building a closet, and redoing my sons room. But that’s just today. My favorite thing to do is create, whether it is from existing materials or from nothing. There is nothing like building something in your mind then building it in real life all for the ah-ha moment of  “look what I can do.” It’s all very “I’m a big kid now” I know.

I’ve been spending some of my scarce free time building lamps, well I say building lamps. I have done 2. I have a few more put back to start on.

I love lamps, or any lighting at all. I’ve always had ideas of how I could make things better suit my household or design, or someone else’s design I just never knew that I could use my own hands to make that happen. But I can, and it’s quite exciting.

More exciting than building and re-wiring a lamp myself is really what it is made from. With this particular project I have paired my love for creation and lamps with WifeNOT’s love and my fascination of her job. All of that lovingly synced for the imagination/possibility aspect that should fill a boy’s room and this is what I have come up with. It was placed on the side table in Honest Abe’s room and I must say, I am in love with it…isn’t it just the lampiest!

Here is the breakdown:

Pieces a. b. & c. all came from an existing lamp that was carefully disassembled. They are made of brass. I painted piece b & c to match a stripe in Honest Abe’s bedding. I left piece a. the way it was to keep some of the original effect.

Piece d. is a black piece of scrap from a carbon fiber piece that goes to an experimental project that is to be determined. It has a wonderful texture that I can’t get enough of but it’s rare and so I’ll just have to love this piece an extra lot. Can you say Kim Possible?? Wish I could tell you more but I am not even allowed to know more.

Piece e. is a wooden piece that cam from a completely different existing non-working lamp. I painted it green as well.

All of the guts have been replaced a.k.a. new wiring. The lamp shade and wiring are the only things that were not upcycled [see Happy Upcycling]. I have not graduated to the making of lamp shades, at least not to my own standards but I am working on it.

A bit of advice if you are interested in building lamps..get an old junky lamp and practice taking it apart and putting it back together before you start on a big project. Eventually it comes easily and saves you a big headache.

So Voilà! The lampiest scientific upcycled monster of a teeny lamp I have ever seen.

Do you see anything disposable around you that needs a little lighting up?


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