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I brought home a new baby today. I know, I know. My floors still are not done nor are my walls but this only cost me $10.

When opportunity dresses itself in the form of a 1960’s retro desk I answer, and I do so with a giant smile.

I am still learning how to tie up the potential of a project and put it here in a photo graph for you to see.

WifeNOT has been working hard, so hard in fact she eats all three meals a day at work and won’t have a day off this week. We miss her obviously, but along with that I miss my sanity. I haven’t been out of the house a lot lately, which means neither have the children. Today I was happy we got out because this super keen desk found me!

It will be a week or two before I began working on the desk and I thought ‘Hey? Why not use that time to toss around ideas with YOU’s guys.

My favorite part about the desk are the drawers, their panels and clean lines. I love that the only arch on this piece are on the bottom near its beautifully tapered peg legs. All of the drawers work beautifully so that is a major plus. It’s the perfect for the space I have and feel of the desk really resonates with my other pieces which you can see in My Vintage Harvest or You Trashy Little Thing.

Obviously the desk will have to be redone a bit. There is some scratching in most ever place so it will need to be lovingly sanded. My first though is to paint it, not sand it. My first though may be wrong because it is based solely on the fact that my side table is brown, my entertainment wall shelf is brown, my dining room table is brown, the bench is brown, and my walls are…take a guess…blue. Kidding they are brown. When I say brown I mean wooden stained and finished, except for the wall which is painted. But as I mentioned in my last piece ‘Black Walls, a Gyno, and Colorful Reason’ (examples shown) they will be black post-remodel. The wood looks nice with black walls but so does color.

The most important question I have is this. The top is formica and the sun hasn’t been so easy on it. I know formica. Scary isn’t it?

I though of maybe covering the top in a bold retro fabric/wallpaper and some kind of lacquer or even having the top a crisp white and the rest stained. I mentioned to someone I replace the top completely but they suggested I add to it. What do you think?

I would love to leave this desk as is but alas its life has been hard. I am prepared to love it.

If it were your desk what would you do?


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